Visit to Chillon Viaduct …………. First time inside the deck of a bridge Chillon castle is well known monument with history dating 11th century as it’s situated in a strategic location connecting the way between south and north.
Besides Chillon castle there is one more monument in Swiss mountains which is Chillon Viaduct, beautifully designed civil engineering concrete box Girder Bridge built in 1969.

As part of INFRASTAR project I got opportunity to work on Chillon viaduct where EPFL MCS department is performing long term monitoring of strains inside box girder to know more about the structure and its performance in fatigue.

Picture below shows monitoring set up inside the box girder of Chillon Viaduct.

Monitoring set up covered with wooden box
Total monitoring set up consisted of electrical strain gauges which measures strains in reinforcement (transverse and longitudinal) at a frequency of ~ 100 Hz. Temperature gauges are installed on all four sides of box girder to measure variation…
A road trip for first secondment of my PhD from Aalborg to Lausanne ~1455 kilometres Just to have some fun and explore more of Europe I decided to take a road trip instead of flight from Aalborg (North Denmark) for my secondment in EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland). Otherwise, an international PhD program like INFRASTAR will have busy schedule and lot of travelling. Planning of road trip was itself exiting to me, as I never drive in Europe out of Denmark; my international licence was helpful for this purpose. As I have to travel with my wife and 23 months daughter, I have to make a good plan so that small one does not get tired and still we can manage to drive approx. 1455 kms.
Source: Some homework was done in order to know general speed limits and countries I am crossing ·290 kms in Denmark ·970 kms in Germany ·~200 kms in Switzerland

Source: Benchmark planning was made to follow timeline during travel and a booking through AIRBNB is made to sta…

Statistical knowledge and structural safety

American petroleum institute’s recent code for offshore oil and gas structures’ integrity management (APIRP 2SIM), came up with a concept that damage can be tolerable. This concept is based on looking towards structure as a system and not number of individual components (this is how a design engineer look at it while designing new structure). This is a fundamental change in concept of life extension of structures, previously it had to be demonstrated that every component satisfies the design criteria resulting in need of all damages to be repaired. Now with the concept of “damage can be tolerable” and looking into structure as a system, it can be very well shown that (by use of ultimate strength analysis) structure as whole (system) still satisfies the design criteria with a minimum repairs/ no repairs. Further, risk based techniques can be used for development in inspection programs for damage detection and repair scheme. Here risk is defined, as product of probability of failure a…

PhD after working 10 years in the Industry

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Coming back to University after 10 years and living the dream:

I was working in Oil and Gas Industry for last 10 years and thought that I should accomplish my dream of getting prefix of Dr. behind my name. It is always said that there is no age for learning and accomplishing your dreams. I am experiencing it and really enjoying it. I would like to say that with this industry experience I know what end result we are willing to have from my PhD; which most of the fresh graduates lack, so now I know my destination its all about finding different ways to get there. 

Wrong conceptions about PhD:

Before joining as PhD fellow at Aalborg University through INFRASTAR a European Marie Skłodowska-Curie program, which is an esteemed position to enter as an ESR (early stage researcher). PhD is complete secret work and I should not share my work with anyone; however I got trained on various platforms about sharing and pub…
Who says wind turbines do not support wild life :P

Introducing Amol

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I am Amol Mankar, I am from India and PhD student at Aalborg University, keep watching this blog to follow my research work.

Recently I had presented my work to wider audience for creating interest and awareness of my work; see the attached video.