PhD after working 10 years in the Industry

Hi All,

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Coming back to University after 10 years and living the dream:

I was working in Oil and Gas Industry for last 10 years and thought that I should accomplish my dream of getting prefix of Dr. behind my name. It is always said that there is no age for learning and accomplishing your dreams. I am experiencing it and really enjoying it. I would like to say that with this industry experience I know what end result we are willing to have from my PhD; which most of the fresh graduates lack, so now I know my destination its all about finding different ways to get there. 

Wrong conceptions about PhD:

Before joining as PhD fellow at Aalborg University through INFRASTAR a European Marie Skłodowska-Curie program, which is an esteemed position to enter as an ESR (early stage researcher). PhD is complete secret work and I should not share my work with anyone; however I got trained on various platforms about sharing and pub…
Who says wind turbines do not support wild life :P

Introducing Amol

Hello All,

I am Amol Mankar, I am from India and PhD student at Aalborg University, keep watching this blog to follow my research work.

Recently I had presented my work to wider audience for creating interest and awareness of my work; see the attached video.